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About the project

What is Hamper.Market ?
  • We are an online shopping center unparalleled.
  • We are an online shopping center, giving the opportunity to offer, sell and advertise almost any goods and services in a variety of cities and price formats.
  • We work on the principle of renting online stores in our shopping center.
Than The Hamper.Market is better than a stand-alone online store ?
  • We are one shopping center, one website and one mobile application.
  • We are one big team of professionals that leads customers to you. :)
What is the monthly budget for the maintenance of my shop in the Hamper.Market?.
  • We have everything is simple, the content of the store in our online shopping center will cost you only 15€ , 80€ , 150€ , 300€ . per month. It's simple. :)
  • Compare this with the budget, which you will spend only on the promotion of your online store-an average of 1000 € , and you will immediately feel the benefit
In which city will I be able to sell my goods ?
  • No matter in what city you are located, when laying out the goods on the Hamper.Market you put a tick in which city or region to show your product.
Can a store sell on credit ?
  • ДYes, we have already taken care of this function, after the buyer has put his purchases in the shopping cart it will be located the take on credit button.
And what interesting features has the Internet shopping center Hamper.Market?
  • To date, we have developed the most modern functionality to the buyer not just make purchases and spend the maximum time with us.
What products can be sold in Hamper.Market?
  • The entire range of goods and services sold in a conventional shopping center.
And will there be a rental vacation while we are putting the goods, and you realize the traffic from the buyers?
  • Yes, absolutely. Vacation rental we have provided, first display of goods in itself is free, but the lease begins to operate after payment.