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Rental Department

Rental rate

We have developed a flexible system of tariff plans for you, depending on the number of your products and the size of your business!


15 month
  • up to 5 products 


80 month
  • up to 20 products 


150 month
  • up to 150 products


300 month
  • up to 500 products


Call !    
  • more than 500 products 

Attention tenants


Acceptance of applications from tenants for participation in the shopping center project started on August 1, 2018 (registration for access to the personal account is open )..


That the display of goods and internal testing, we do not limit the time ,the goods will be visible to the buyer after payment..

Shipping and payment

We draw Your attention to the fact that your store will not be tied e-wallet is done to avoid various scams unscrupulous sellers. The buyer puts the goods in his basket and writes the delivery address. Payment is made upon receipt of the goods to the courier.

Purpose of the shopping center

Attention future tenants Internet shopping centre Hamper.Market. To comply with the corporate style of our shopping complex and your rapid development, trade is allowed only for new products and at retail prices.


Contact information

For rent you can write to the post office arenda@hamper.market or leave us a message at the address in the social network http://wmn.today/hamper
For technical questions or filling shop Windows, you can write to the post office admin@hamper.market
For advertising or cooperation, as well as any other partnership offers, please contact us by e-mail info@hamper.market

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